Art with Purpose: One Man’s Trash is These Artists’ Inspiration

Around the world, we’re witnessing an ever-increasing rise in single-use plastic pollution and learning of its impact on our environment and the wildlife which live within large nations like Kenya and Taiwan and Caribbean neighbours Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Dominica, Haiti, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s also been a threat in cities like Montreal, … Continue reading Art with Purpose: One Man’s Trash is These Artists’ Inspiration

Basics of the Basin

Surrounded on all sides by southern Europe, northern Africa and southwest Asia, the Mediterranean Sea touches 21 separate countries and island nations, making for a highly complex culinary melting pot. It’s common for Mediterranean food to be thought of in terms of pasta, pizza, Greek salads and falafel, but the culinary range and diversity of … Continue reading Basics of the Basin

History on Display

In 1780, Englishman William Eden built Pedro St. James, a grand three-storey Great House, which would later become an iconic heritage site in the Cayman Islands. At the time, Grand Cayman was a fledgling island settlement inhabited by roughly 500 people, half of whom were enslaved. Donkeys were the sole means of transportation on dry … Continue reading History on Display

The Land of Las Tortugas

Turtles have a storied history in the Cayman Islands, and thanks to the Cayman Turtle Centre, conservation efforts are keeping them off the endangered list. . . . Before the Cayman Islands were acclaimed for their white-sand beaches, duty-free shopping and thriving culinary scene, they were simply the land of turtles. Christopher Columbus was so … Continue reading The Land of Las Tortugas