Cayman Kitefest: High-Flying Fun at Kaibo Beach

On Easter Monday, 1 April, a range of colourful kites will join the birds soaring high above the still waters and luxury boats moored at Kaibo Beach for the fourth annual Cayman Kitefest. The event is free to the public and families are welcome to join the fun between noon and sunset.

“The whole notion behind Cayman Kitefest is to offer families an activity during the Easter holidays that is safe and entertaining for both parents and children,” says Claire Pettinati, co-owner of Kaibo.

She and partner Daniel Petts own the charming beach bar and stylishly upscale restaurant, which has served as a local hub of great food, good times and even better service for the local community since it first opened its doors in 1983, when the guest of honour was none other than Queen Elizabeth II.

“Of course, the restaurant has changed dramatically since then,” Claire went on to say, “but we are still very much keen on upholding as many Caymanian traditions as we can, and kite making and flying is certainly a fond memory for many here in the Cayman Islands.”


Each participant is welcome to bring their favourite kite, partake in a kite-making workshop or purchase a kite on site for as little as US$12. Proceeds from all kite sales will benefit Cayman Acts of Random Kindness (ARK), a local charitable organisation that performs a variety of good deeds throughout the Cayman community for people in crisis situations.

There is lots for parents to enjoy at Cayman Kitefest, too. Lead vocalist Isadora Ferrao-Powell of local band Bona Fide will be belting traditional Caymanian music between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. while her four-man band take to the drums, keyboard, saxophone and bass guitar. Witness kiting tricks by professional kiteboarders and simultaneously do your part to support Cayman ARK through the one dollar donation made with each D-ARK and Stormy signature cocktail purchased throughout the event.

Exciting prizes await for the best overall kiter, having the finest and most unique kite, bearing the most creative kite and costume combination, and more. Rental paddleboards and kayaks and a bouncy castle round out the event for an afternoon sure to delight all who attend. For more information about Cayman Kitefest, visit

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Published: Skies Magazine, March 2013
Featured Photo Credit: Cayman Compass

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