Ready-to-Eat Fare on the Go

Given the gorgeous year-round weather throughout the Cayman Islands, it’s no wonder locals and visitors alike love to enjoy their meals and snacks outdoors. This could be why seaside and street-side vendors are so popular.

On the other hand, sometimes you just want to sit at home or in your hotel room and veg out. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice delicious dining for the convenience of delivery. Here are some of Grand Cayman’s must-try eats on the go or straight to your door.

Photo credit - Dre1alliance Caribbean
Jerk Chicken, fried plantain and roasted corn from Pepper’s Smokehouse (Photo credit: Dre1alliance Caribbean)

Foodie Destination

Smoked, Barbecued and Jerked

You can smell the sweet, aromatic barbecue emanating from Chef John’s food stand from a mile away. Chef John Jefferson has been in the industry for a long while and it’s evident in the home-cooked meal he serves: a heaping plate of barbecued chicken or beef ribs served alongside Caribbean rice and beans, potato salad, corn on the cob and coleslaw. Look for him on Friday and Saturday evenings near the Spotts Jetty in Red Bay, George Town.

Smokin’ Bros food truck has quickly earned a name for itself among serious smoked meat enthusiasts. The chef duo behind the scenes dole out smoked baby back ribs, pulled pork and jerk chicken, as well as sandwiches served with sides of from-scratch macaroni and cheese, fresh-cut fries, barbecue beans, and slaws and salads. The Smokin’ Bros food truck is stationed on Elgin Avenue during lunch or on Crewe Road or Lawrence Boulevard in the evenings.

Pull up at Gabriel’s Grill morning, noon or night for a soul-satisfying meal of breakfast classics like Belgian waffles and eggs, or lunch and dinner specials like the rum-glazed barbecue chicken, jerk chicken Alfredo pasta, lobster mac and cheese and its signature Parmesan tomato garlic wings. You can find them parked on Elgin Avenue Monday through Saturday.

Portobello mushroom burgers from Gabriel’s Grill (Photo credit: Gabriel’s Grill)

Enjoying a meal of chicken or pork that has been marinated in bold flavours and slowly jerked to perfection is a Friday ritual. New jerk stands pop up regularly, but some favourites include Peppers Smokehouse on West Bay Road, Di Kit Chin and the Roast Hut in Red Bay, Mango Tree on Crewe Road and Rankin’s Jerk Centre in Bodden Town. Sides usually include hard dough bread, rice and beans or festival — a slightly sweet and dense fritter. Ask for the chef’s specialty hot sauce; each stand will have its own secret recipe.

All-Time Favourites

Sink your teeth into a juicy beef or chicken burger cooked to order and topped with the trimmings of your choosing at the Burger Shack on Lawrence Boulevard. Vegetarians can get their American classics fix here, too, with a vegetarian patty. Share an order of French fries with a friend and round out your meal with an old-fashioned milk shake made with Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Head for the Eastern Districts on Sunday afternoons for the freshest fried red snapper, mahi-mahi and barracuda. Amongst the residents’ favourites are Grapetree Café in Bodden Town, Captain Herman’s East Side Fish Fry and the Eastern Star Bar & Fish Fry in East End. In addition to fried fish, Eastern Star Bar also serves fried lobster tails and conch fritters and have a seaside bar with table-side service.

Head east for a traditional plate of fried snapper and fritters at Eastern Star Bar & Fish Fry – the view is worth the drive! (Photo credit: Chris Christian)

International Delights

Travel to the Middle East and Greece with spit-roasted chicken and beef, lamb and shrimp kebabs, and falafel when you grab a bite at Al La Kebab on West Bay Road or the Al La KeVroom food truck in Red Bay. Kebabs are served in traditional pita bread or over a bed of French fries or tabouleh salad with mild sauces like tzatziki, tahini and mango chutney or spicy curry, harissa and jerk mayo.

On Tuesday and Saturday nights, Icoa on West Bay Road brings the bold and earthy flavours of street food carts throughout Asia to its café. Menus change every week, but often feature steamed buns, spring rolls and tapas of specialty foods that defy everything you thought you knew about Asian cuisine, like charred octopus with miso yogurt sauce, smoked beef ceviche, lentil crepes and a coconut and cardamom rice pudding. On Thursday nights, the restaurant serves an Indian Thali dinner that consists of small bites served buffet-style at your table, allowing you to taste several different foods and flavours without committing to a large meal.

Thali dinner at Icoa is growing in popularity (Photo credit: Icoa)

Fresh Flavours

Stop by the Farmers & Artisans Market on Wednesday afternoons at Camana Bay and Saturday mornings at the Agricultural Grounds in Lower Valley for the finest selection in local and seasonal produce. You can also visit the Swanky Shack or Mr. Rayburn Ebanks’ Market for a selection of fruits, vegetables, juices and smoothies; the stalls flank either side of the cricket pitch near Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman.

Photo credit: Drink Fresh Juice

Pop into any Foster’s Food Fair supermarket for a refreshing and nutrient-packed juice by Drink Fresh Juice or pull over at Willie’s Fresh Fruits and Juices in Red Bay for a coconut water, lemonade or Cayman-style fruit punch.

Convenient Delivery

Kick back at home with friends and family and order in a meal of favoured foods or unfamiliar bites.

Intercontinental Voyages

For a culinary trip to the Orient, Wok N Roll is your go-to one-stop-shop for popular dishes from east and southeast Asia. Choose from dim sum, noodle or rice bowls, wok-prepared meats and red, green or yellow curries. Cool your palate with a classic Pinoy or Malaysian dessert or iced green tea. Call 345-949-0168 or visit

A taste of Italy is but a pedal away with Vélo Café, a travelling coffee shop atop a beach cruiser bicycle that serves freshly brewed espressos and cappuccinos using Illy coffee beans. Its mobility does not limit its offerings, however; Vélo Café can whip up a lovely cup of hot or iced coffee and coffee-flavoured smoothies and martinis from its bike stand and can accommodate complementary desserts and biscuits.

Charming Bistros

If you want the experience of beautifully prepared meals from a charming bistro without leaving the comforts of home, place an order for delivery with Full of Beans or Icoa. Enjoy timeless breakfast items like eggs Benedict, egg and sausage paninis, and freshly baked muffins and pastries from either restaurant. Satisfy your midday appetite with a light and fresh salad or classic sandwich. Icoa also recently introduced a fixed dinner menu inspired by Colonial cuisine that highlights the flavour palates of the Dutch, British, French, Spanish and Portuguese. To contact Icoa, call 345-945-1915 or visit To contact Full of Beans, call 345-943-2326 or visit

Yummy French Toast at Full of Beans (Photo credit: Full of Beans)

Pizza and Burgers

Enjoying a pizza pie with your favourite toppings is both easy and inexpensive when you order from well-known pizzerias like Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. Firing up hand-tossed New York-style pizzas are Gino’s Pizzeria and Lucky Slice. In addition to several yummy 12- and 20-inch pizza combinations, Lucky Slice has a vegan pizza, as well as a gluten-free pizza base.

Throw a backyard get-together without the hassle when you order burgers and dogs from Burger Shack. Burger Shack is best known for its freshly prepared and never frozen burger patties served with all the fixings your heart may desire, and will conveniently deliver your order free of charge. Call 345-949-2867 or visit

Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free

There are several options for vegans, vegetarians and those seeking delivery options that are both good for the body and the environment. At Saucha Conscious Living, great care is taken when creating its twice-weekly meals using only foods that are seasonal and nutrition-packed. Orders must be placed in advance of the Tuesday and Thursday deliveries and you can sign up to receive their weekly menu e-mails. Visit

Using a similar approach, Island Naturals focuses on creating meals using only natural and organic ingredients that have been sustainably grown, each bringing a range of nutrients and benefits to the body. Order from its à la carte menu of breakfast and lunch wraps, soups, salads and hot bowls of grilled or curry vegetables with quinoa or soba noodles. They also have a weekly special lunch menu. Call 345-945-2252 or visit

Photo credit: Island Naturals

Green smoothies are now available for delivery with Green2Go, a newcomer to the health conscious market. Using only freshly picked and locally sourced organic produce in its smoothies, Green2Go guarantees a beverage that tastes good and is good for you. Call 345-328-6536 or visit

The unseasoned vegetarian and everyday carnivore might find him or herself falling in love with Bread & Chocolate, a small café that takes time-honoured classics and transforms them into vegan meals. Try the Shephard’s pie made with root vegetable and lentil “mince,” the “tuna” salad sandwich consisting of mashed chickpeas or even the classic grilled cheese sandwich with freshly made cashew cheese. Open for lunch Monday through Friday and brunch on weekends, Bread & Chocolate delivers food that is both hearty and guilt-free. Call 345-946-6239 or visit

Taste of the Caribbean

Some of the best Trinidadian food is available for delivery from Singh’s Roti Shop, like the fluffy dhal roti filled with curried chicken, shrimp, lobster, conch or spinach, pumpkin and potato. They also offer daily specials, like the ever popular shark and bake served on Fridays. On a Saturday morning, Singh’s fries up doubles, a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago consisting of curried chickpeas and tamarind chutney between a flat fried bread; but order early as they sell out quickly.

Singh's Roti Shop
Chicken roti from Singh’s – YUM!

Special Delivery

For those cravings not yet satisfied, consider ordering dinner through Fine Dine-In or breakfast, lunch or dinner with Island Grub. Both businesses offer a delivery service from the restaurant of your choice through a convenient online ordering system. For more information and a list of restaurants each services, visit and

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Published: Skies magazine, January 2016 

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