Captain Marvin: The Grandfather of Stingray City

The Stingray City sandbar is Cayman’s most popular attraction. It’s the ultimate petting experience with southern stingrays flocking towards visitors that offer them bits of squid and fish. What many don’t know, is this phenomenon was created by chance. After a day of trawling, local fishermen would congregate at the sandbar to clean their daily... Continue Reading →

Art Scene in the Cayman Islands

Artists and art enthusiasts in the Cayman Islands regularly meander through conventional galleries like the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, Sandon Feat Gallery and the Kennedy Gallery, where they enjoy exquisite prints and paintings, contemporary sculptures, striking photography and provocative abstract work. But the visual arts can also be enjoyed at quaint cafés, corner... Continue Reading →

Captain Bob Soto: The Father of Diving

The late Captain Roberto "Bob" Mark Bodden Soto, often referred to as the Caribbean's Father of Diving, is one of the most highly regarded pioneers of leisure diving in the Cayman Islands. During his long and full life, his love for diving and watersports was evident through his works as a seaman, ship captain and... Continue Reading →

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