Leaning In: Riding with Cayman Segway Tours

One of the most exciting – and convenient – ways to explore Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is by hopping on an agile Segway Personal Transporter (PT). Exploring the island by Segway is a novel idea when it comes to tours in the Cayman Islands, where tours are predominantly operated via boat or bus with the occasional walking tour. But 29-year-old Sadé Wood really wanted to offer a completely new and creative way for tourists to explore the island. “A partner of mine was watching a Segway PT commercial on television and that was it; the idea for Cayman Segway Tours was born,” says Wood.


I recently caught up with the business owner to talk more about how the idea of Cayman Segway Tours came about and what to expect on the exciting Segway tours.

Why did you start Cayman Segway Tours? 
There is an abundance of conventional tours in Grand Cayman. Tourists are always looking for something new and exciting. We wanted to offer a unique tour that is not currently offered on island, and we feel a guided tour by Segway PT is ideal.


What areas of Grand Cayman does Cayman Segway Tours explore?
We offer two 90-minute tours – a day tour and a sunset tour – both of which depart from our location in Seven Mile Shops and run along Seven Mile Beach.

The first stop of the Seven Mile Beach Day Tour is Camana Bay, where guests roll through the Town Centre and take in the breath-taking 360-degree view of Grand Cayman from the Observation Tower, 75-feet above sea level. Then we ride over to Royal Palms Beach Club and enjoy a beverage, a bit of beach time and a short ride along the shore of the world-famous Seven Mile Beach. The Seven Mile Beach Day Tour runs three times daily between Monday and Saturday. It is ideal for cruise passengers.


Our Seven Mile Beach Sunset Tour departs around 4:30pm each day between Monday and Saturday (depending on the time of year) and is ideal for stayover visitors and residents. This tour includes a bit more time to explore the highlights of Camana Bay, before heading to Royal Palms Beach Club to stroll along the beach and marvel at the stunning sunsets of Cayman while enjoying the cooler evening breezes.

We offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal as well as hotel pick-up between George Town and West Bay for groups of four or more.

Should people feel uneasy about operating a Segway for the first time?
Our Segway PT X2 models are very sturdy and easy to use and people find they are very intuitive to your body’s natural movements. Most people will catch on in a matter of minutes and feel very comfortable.


Also, all guests must watch a safety video and be fitted with a helmet as well as knee pads and elbow pads before they are trained on how to use the Segway PT. Tour guides ensure each guest is individually trained and comfortable before we take off along the route.

What is your favourite part about the tours?
We really enjoy teaching people a little history about the Cayman Islands and even a few basic words in the Cayman dialect. It’s also really fun to witness the smile on someone’s face when they step on a Segway PT for the first time.

. . .

Tours are operated in small groups and reservations are encouraged. Phone (345) 640-6300 or email info@caymansegwaytours.com to book your tour. For more information about Cayman Segway Tours visit caymansegwaytours.com or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Trip Advisor.

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Published: Skies Magazine, March 2016

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