High Seas Fun: Cayman Brac Jackpot

Deep-sea fishing is one of the most celebrated sports in the Cayman Islands. The call of the sea is second nature to Caymanian fishermen who, for centuries, supported their families with a life built on seafaring, turtling and shipbuilding. Every year, a legion of men – and women and kids – take to the high seas for the Cayman Brac Jackpot Tournament in hopes of getting a “tight hand”.

The event, which traditionally takes place during the second week of May, is known as the longest-running fishing tournament; it also happens to be the official kick off to the best time of year for fishing in Cayman Brac (the season ends in August).

During the tournament, anglers have the opportunity to reel in their next big catch, like wahoo, yellowfin tun, blue marlin or mahi-mahi – known locally as dolphin – and more regular fish like ocean turbot, parrotfish, baracuda and sergean major.

While the Cayman Brac Jackpot initially began in Cayman Brac, the tournament is open to the most experienced sport-fishermen and novice anglers across all three Cayman Islands. Grand prizes are awarded for hooking the heaviest wahoo, yellowfin tun or dolphin. A number of additional prizes are also up for grabs, including prizes for the top female angler and best junior angler. If you’re thinking of putting your angling skills to the test at the tournament, just keep in mind that the total cash winnings are valued at over US$20,000.

For more information about the Brac Jackpot Fishing Tournament or other fishing tournaments in the Cayman Islands call 345.945.3131 or visit fishcayman.com.

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Published: Skies Magazine, May 2016
Featured photo: keytocayman.com

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