By day, Nasaria Budal is a marketing manager at a property development and management services company specialising in office, retail and residential space. She has more than 13 years’ professional experience in tourism, retail and financial services and has a BS in Marketing.

11060310_10153189368506006_1788047029598270313_nAt night and over the weekend, however, her love of writing takes over. She is a contributing writer for several magazines published in the Cayman Islands where she lives, and writes the blog Shells, Sand and a Girl named Naz – an insider’s guide for visitors to the Cayman Islands, offering tips on what to do, where to go and things to see and try. She has also penned several poems and short stories and hopes to one day author a book.

If money were not an option, Nasaria would travel across East Asia with her children Selena, Dominick and Alicia, work at an elephant sanctuary and read books while lying in hammocks. She enjoys running and Crossfit just as much as she does coconut milk ice cream and chocolate mousse.

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