Fostering Open-Mindedness in Children: A Focus on Race and Bias

The past year has shown us both internationally and locally that racism and bias are two topics that continue to be of great consequence. The murders of George Floyd (46), Breonna Taylor (26) and Ahmaud Arbery (25) woke the world up to the systematic racism that is rife in the USA and galvanised many to... Continue Reading →

The Art of Storytelling

This year, the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) will celebrate 20 years of storytelling with Gimistory, a cultural festival that provides free family entertainment to all. The week-long event is slated to amuse and enthrall residents and visitors of the Cayman Islands, travelling from district to district and highlighting both local and regional storytellers and... Continue Reading →

Save the Date: New Year’s Eve Festivities at Camana Bay

The festivities don’t end after Christmas! Camana Bay’s annual no-cover New Year’s Eve celebration, Saturday 31 December, promises for the fourth year to be a magical evening for families and party-goers alike with delightful dinners, tasty treats, music and entertainment and two fireworks displays overlooking the Town Centre’s massive Christmas tree on the Crescent. [Credit:... Continue Reading →

Unique Kids Camps in Cayman, Summer 2016

Are you looking for a one-of- a-kind, memorable experience for your young one this summer? Here are some pretty extraordinary and untypical summer camp options to keep them engaged and entertained. History + Cultural Summer Arts Camp Cayman National Cultural Foundation Campers are immersed in a range of artistic and cultural activities like drama, storytelling, Caymanian folk... Continue Reading →

Co-Parenting After a Separation or Divorce

Making joint custody work after a separation or divorce can be fraught with rage, bitterness and unrealistic demands. Moving beyond the underlying emotions surrounding the relationship you once had with your ex and parent of your child is essential to providing a stable and loving family home. It’s rarely easy but there are a few key parameters that... Continue Reading →

Travelling with Kids this Summer

Summer holidays should be filled with fun adventures, exploring new places and spaces and spending time with your family. If you’re scheduling some time abroad, here are a few ideas to get you organised and prepared for your holiday so you can plan confidently and enjoy the journey. Check Your Travel Documents Before you’ve committed... Continue Reading →

Creative Kids’ Party Loot Bags + Favours

Party bags are a great way to send your little one’s friends home with a token gift of the birthday fun they had. Traditionally, party bags are filled with candies, chocolates and other sweets as well as small, inexpensive plastic toys that usually get lost or break within a day or two. But takeaway birthday... Continue Reading →

Date Night Ideas in Cayman for New Moms and Dads

Sleepless nights, endless dirty diapers, heaping piles of laundry and a fussy baby can make it hard to find the time or energy for a date night as new parents. Having a bit of “adult time” however allows moms and dads – first-timers and the experienced – a moment to reconnect and keep the spark... Continue Reading →

Swashbuckling in the Sister Islands

A siege of pirates and wenches will pillage and plunder the Cayman Islands during the annual Pirates Week National Festival, 7 to 28 November 2015. Now in its 38th year, the near month-long jubilee is considered quintessential among the nation’s cultural events, and showcases and celebrates our history, traditions, food, artisans and musicians. Most events... Continue Reading →

Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon: It’s a Family Affair

Seasoned and rookie runners near and far are gearing up to go the distance at the annual Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon; and so are hundreds of children and high school students, too. In addition to the adult individual runners and teams competing in the highly anticipated running event are hundreds of local and visiting school-aged... Continue Reading →

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