Residency Through Buying Real Estate

American author, financial advisor, motivational speaker and television host Suze Orman has said that “owning a home is a keystone of wealth … both financial affluence and emotional security.” Here in the Cayman Islands, owning a home can also give you the right to live on an island paradise for decades, or for life. It... Continue Reading →

Ensuring Peace of Mind with Insurance

Living in the Cayman Islands typically translates to beautiful year-round, beach-worthy weather, a widely referenced selling point when considering a move to the Caribbean. And while “island life” certainly lives up to the hype, there is one important component to bear in mind when purchasing a house or condominium in the tropics: buying suitable insurance... Continue Reading →

Backyard Bliss: Creating Outdoor Spaces

This summer, extend your indoor space to the outdoors and create an area that is both warm and welcoming. SELECT SEATING + SIDE TABLES  The best designed outdoor spaces include furniture that is both beautiful and hard-wearing, like rattan lounge seats, outdoor dining tables or these angular Indonesian accent chairs and stone side table from... Continue Reading →

Chersonese: A Celebration of Angles

Latin for ‘peninsula’, Chersonese sits perched on the edge of a natural headland along the North Sound of Grand Cayman. A modern and inviting home, it was aptly named for its exceptional position along a shallow seaway surrounded by red mangroves.

Bed + Breakfasts: You are at Home Here

If you find yourself longing for a more personal vacation experience that allows you to truly live among and interact with the locals, perhaps a bed and breakfast is just what you need. These three accommodations on Grand Cayman offer that warm Caymanian hospitality the island is most known for with many of the perks of... Continue Reading →

John Doak: At Home In The Cayman Islands

Originally from the vibrant city of Glasgow, Scotland, architect John Doak moved to the Cayman Islands in 1979 after graduating as an architect from the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art. Doak has lived on Grand Cayman for the last 33 years and in that time he has been recognised and celebrated for... Continue Reading →

Cotton Tree: Caymanian Culture, Sophistication + Service

If you combined the charm and solitude of a vacation home with the bells and whistles of a hotel chain and the personalised service of a bed and breakfast, you'd find yourself swathed in the luxurious barefoot elegance of Cotton Tree. Situated at the northernmost point of Grand Cayman's West Bay, the charismatic boutique hotel... Continue Reading →

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