Fostering Open-Mindedness in Children: A Focus on Race and Bias

The past year has shown us both internationally and locally that racism and bias are two topics that continue to be of great consequence. The murders of George Floyd (46), Breonna Taylor (26) and Ahmaud Arbery (25) woke the world up to the systematic racism that is rife in the USA and galvanised many to... Continue Reading →

Moon Over Cayman: Summer Full Moon Events

Full moons in the Cayman Islands are synonymous with celebration and magic. There are two spectacular events on Grand Cayman that honour the full moon: the Full Moon Party at Calico Jack's - a casual event that draws an impressive crowd to Grand Cayman's famed Seven Mile Beach - and Kaibo's spectacular dining and dancing... Continue Reading →

Unique Kids Camps in Cayman, Summer 2016

Are you looking for a one-of- a-kind, memorable experience for your young one this summer? Here are some pretty extraordinary and untypical summer camp options to keep them engaged and entertained. History + Cultural Summer Arts Camp Cayman National Cultural Foundation Campers are immersed in a range of artistic and cultural activities like drama, storytelling, Caymanian folk... Continue Reading →

A Star is Born: Monyque Brooks, Miss Cayman Islands 2016

Poised, graceful and passionate of the arts, culture and Caymanian heritage are the qualities that separated the reigning Miss Cayman Islands Monyque Brooks from the other contestants and ultimately won her the crown in January, along with titles ‘Best in Gown’, ‘Best Smile’ and ‘Miss Photogenic’. Monyque was enthralled in music and dance as a... Continue Reading →

Chersonese: A Celebration of Angles

Latin for ‘peninsula’, Chersonese sits perched on the edge of a natural headland along the North Sound of Grand Cayman. A modern and inviting home, it was aptly named for its exceptional position along a shallow seaway surrounded by red mangroves.

High Seas Fun: Cayman Brac Jackpot

Deep-sea fishing is one of the most celebrated sports in the Cayman Islands. The call of the sea is second nature to Caymanian fishermen who, for centuries, supported their families with a life built on seafaring, turtling and shipbuilding. Every year, a legion of men - and women and kids - take to the high... Continue Reading →

Date Night Ideas in Cayman for New Moms and Dads

Sleepless nights, endless dirty diapers, heaping piles of laundry and a fussy baby can make it hard to find the time or energy for a date night as new parents. Having a bit of “adult time” however allows moms and dads – first-timers and the experienced – a moment to reconnect and keep the spark... Continue Reading →

Captain Marvin: The Grandfather of Stingray City

The Stingray City sandbar is Cayman’s most popular attraction. It’s the ultimate petting experience with southern stingrays flocking towards visitors that offer them bits of squid and fish. What many don’t know, is this phenomenon was created by chance. After a day of trawling, local fishermen would congregate at the sandbar to clean their daily... Continue Reading →

Art Scene in the Cayman Islands

Artists and art enthusiasts in the Cayman Islands regularly meander through conventional galleries like the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, Sandon Feat Gallery and the Kennedy Gallery, where they enjoy exquisite prints and paintings, contemporary sculptures, striking photography and provocative abstract work. But the visual arts can also be enjoyed at quaint cafés, corner... Continue Reading →

Captain Bob Soto: The Father of Diving

The late Captain Roberto "Bob" Mark Bodden Soto, often referred to as the Caribbean's Father of Diving, is one of the most highly regarded pioneers of leisure diving in the Cayman Islands. During his long and full life, his love for diving and watersports was evident through his works as a seaman, ship captain and... Continue Reading →

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